Improve Downtown Visitor Experiences

Initiative 5.i Complete the physical reconstruction of the 16th Street Mall:

See update for Initiative 3.i.

Initiative 5.ii Address aggressive panhandling and other safety and social issues:

VISIT DENVER is partnering with the Downtown Denver Partnership and Downtown Denver Business Improvement District to implement the Security Action Plan to ensure downtown is a safe and welcoming place for all.

Initiative 5.iv Implement visitor intercept studies on destination experiences and perceptions and take strategic and appropriate steps on findings:

Intercept studies are underway during spring/summer 2017 to receive feedback from Denver visitors about their experience.

Initiative 5.v – Activate parks and public spaces with visitor-friendly amenities (e.g. café, public fountain, signature art, seating):

Denver Parks and Recreation has unveiled The Outdoor Downtown plan, which will guide efforts to obtain additional open space and enhance existing spaces.

Initiative Encourage the development of more quality retail in downtown Denver, especially focused near the 16th Street Mall:

Target and Sephora have both recently announced new stores to be located on the Mall, offering downtown residents, workers and visitors additional retail opportunities.