Enhance Connectivity and Mobility

Initiative 4.i Increase international air service:

New non-stop routes connecting Denver to Panama City, London, Zurich and Paris have been recently announced. With the addition of these routes, Denver International Airport (DEN) expands its global reach and will now serve 25 cities in 11 countries.

Initiative 4.xiv Improve connectivity between downtown and Civic Center Park, and downtown and Auraria Campus:

$7 million of 2017 GO Bond funds will support connecting Auraria as part of the Downtown Connection Vision Plan.

Initiative 4.x Improve traffic flow on I-70 east between Denver and Denver International Airport:

In January 2017, the Federal Highway Administration gave final approval for the Center 70 project, which will lower the freeway from Brighton Boulevard. to Colorado Boulevard. and place a four-acre cover park over a portion of the lowered interstate.

Initiative 4.xv Redevelop Brighton Boulevard, understanding that it is the “gateway” to downtown Denver:

Construction is underway between 29th and 44th streets and is expected to be complete in spring 2018. Amenities for cars and pedestrians will include parking spaces, sidewalks, a bike track and new landscaping, light fixtures and benches.

Initiative 4.xvi Expand bike lanes and bike-share program:

The City is expanding miles of protected bike lanes and the 2017 GO Bond dedicates $18 million for future expansion efforts.